We Have The Right Garage Door Style For You

Shopping for a garage door can be a little bit overwhelming with so many choices on the market today. Garage Door’s are an investment in your home and something that will be visible for years to come. Since most people only purchase one to two garage doors over a lifetime, they aren’t familiar with the pros and cons of garage doors. At Door Works we provide out customers with a full range of options that suit your home, needs and lifestyle.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is the #1 material used in garage doors today. It represents about 80% of the market. The reason? Affordable, long lasting durability and low maintenance. You can also insulate these doors to fit your needs, which can make them a very “warm” door. That can also save you money.

Composite & Wood Garage Doors

Handcrafted real wood doors show elegance and have the highest customability. They have natural, beauty with distinctive architectural style. Composite wood doors are stronger and are virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Composite doors are less expensive. 

Raised & Recessed Paneled Doors

Raised panel doors are very traditional. This type of garage door is easily customizable and can come fully insulated. Recessed panel garage doors resemble raised panel doors but instead of the panels being elevated, they’re sunken. They’re typically made of steel and are easy to maintain.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl garage doors are known for their resiliency. They look like wood, offer tremendous durability, and basically maintenance free. Additionally, they are insulated for warmth, they don’t rust and they’re quiet. They are probably, the last door you’ll ever have to buy.

Aluminum & Glass Doors

If you are entering into the new age and would like to modernize your home, aluminum with glass doors are the perfect choice.  They are classic offering sleek, clean and simple lines for the contemporary home. Choices range from clear, frosted to laminated. 

Carriage House Doors

Carriage House doors look like they swing open but they function like any traditional overhead garage door. These doors drastically improve the curb appeal of a home.  Realtor studies have shown they can actually increase the value of your home. 


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