35 Years Experience

We take pride in having over 35 years experience selling, installing, and repairing the highest quality garage doors while offering superior customer service.

Who We Are

Door Works is a full service Garage Door Company who has been serving the Northern and Central New Jersey area since 1982. Door works has become known as a leader for safety, security and convenience in the garage door industry.

The garage door is frequently one of the most prominent features on a home. A beautiful and durable garage will dramatically increase the value of your home. In most cases, the cost to replace an old, tired, outdated garage door is significantly less than the value it may add to your home.

At Door Works we provide garage doors of all types, from practical builder’s grade, to steel and custom solid wood doors. Our steel doors offer durability & security. Our custom wood doors add the beauty of natural wood combined with strength and elegance.

Deciding on new garage doors can be a frustrating task with so many contractors and garage door choices on the market today. Therefore, it is extremely important to find the right garage door contractor for your home. Our highly experienced team at Door Works is committed to surpassing customer expectation through proficiency, and professionalism. We guide you through every step of the way.

Our Mission

“To provide superior quality, expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.”

Why Door Works?

We discuss your entire plan and needs and review the following to determine what is best for you and your home.

Garage use – Is your garage used on a daily basis or primarily for storage? This will determine the durability you will need.

Door style – We will help you match your door to your homes architectural features, materials and style.

Size – Often overlooked, but extremely important. Imagine the hassle of having a door installed that does not fit.

Hinges & Handles – We supply a large variety of decorative hinges & handles to match all home styles.

Windows – We offer an extensive variety of window styles from clear glass, frosted beveled glass, wrought iron framing and many more.

Sealed or insulated – Do you need your garage to be energy efficient? Do you store valuables in the garage? Temperatures can fluctuate. Insulating your door helps to stabilize the temperature in your garage. To protect personal items and keep energy bills down it is advised to add insulation and perimeter seals on your garage doors.

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Door Works has built a strong reputation as a leader in the garage door industry from providing high quality products and standing behind our work. Door Works has been providing service in the area for over 35 years.